Black Draft Geocache logoWelcome to the Black Draft Geocache at our brand new Farm & Distillery! Thank you for visiting, and most of all, CHEERS for finding our location.


Within your view from this barrel, you’ll spot a Norman-Rockwell-inspired piece of machinery which dates back to the golden years of the moonshine runners throughout these hills and valleys.

And I bet, if you listen closely, that front bumper has a few great stories to tell.

Glen Price

While you’re here, did you know…

Our Hannisville™ Straight Rye Whiskey proudly traces its roots back to 1868, when Henry Hannis built “Hannisville Mills” along the Tuscarora Creek here in Martinsburg, West Virginia.  He believed that the precious water flowing through Berkeley County‚Äôs limestone caves held the secret to distilling good rye and corn into an excellent whiskey… And we tend to agree!