We are Black Draft Distillery, the first grain-to-glass craft distillery in Martinsburg, WV since prohibition.

Founded in December of 2013, we produce whiskey and bourbon, using unique and all natural ingredients.  Read more on our story, here.

Click here to learn about our First Harvest Moonshine (an unaged corn whiskey made corn grown less than 10 miles from our farm) and our future products.

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Advice from the Experts – Mountain State entrepreneurs

By Samantha Cart  /  WV Executive  /  November 13, 2017

The Wait is Over…Black Draft Distillery Talks Bourbon

By Crystal Schelle / The Review Herald  / October 11, 2017


Couple expands homegrown distillery with revamped barn

By Katiann Marshall / The Journal  /  September 7, 2016


Photo Credit: Katiann Marshall / The Journal

The Black Draft Distillery Unveils its New Expansion
By Nina Kapur / WHAG-TV / June 3, 2016

Photo Credit: SEDO
Photo Credit: SEDO

Expanding Berkeley County Distillery Opens Tasting Room
By Matt Umstead / Herald Mail / December 9, 2015

Photo Credit: Matt Umstead / Herald Mail

Moonshine is Going From Backwoods to Boutique
By Crystal Schelle / Herald Mail / September 2, 2015

photo credit | Joe Crochetta | Review Herald
Photo Credit: Joe Crochetta / Herald Mail

Cover Story: Around the Panhandle, Jan/Feb 2015 Issue


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Herald Mail  |  July 19, 2014

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