Mint Julep Spearmint VodkaYou know when summer is almost here.

The weather warms up. We break out the comfy warm weather gear. Your television turns to the Kentucky Derby, baseball, and other summer classics.

And you can also enjoy cool, refreshing, and delicious summer drinks made with our own summer classic – White Julep Spearmint Vodka.

But there’s no need to keep our White Julep Spearmint Vodka in the cupboard when cool weather and holiday excitement comes around. The mint flavor of White Julep pairs exceptionally well with hot chocolate (with a lil’ whipped cream and syrup on top!).

If you crave mint chocolate, this is the perfect drink for you served warm or cold.

The delicious flavors in our White Julep Spearmint Vodka also render it perfect to mix into a full range of delicious cocktails. We encourage you to be creative, or check out our recipes for more great ideas.

Available in 375ml and 750ml sizes.