Black Draft Straight Bourbon Whiskey

It’s been a long two plus years waiting for this moment to arrive. We started with six barrels from Wilmington (New York), ninety gallons of our unaged corn whiskey from two small stills, unlimited possibilities, and time. One hot summer led into one cold winter, and another summer, another winter.

The day we brought home these barrels, we snapped a picture that now hangs in the barn. It’s the one where Emma is sitting on is her barrel. We are saving it for her to remember and savor this moment. But the other five, we proudly offer to you. Our first batch, distilled, and aged right here in Martinsburg, West Virginia.

Our Black Draft Straight Bourbon Whiskey is available for purchase here at the distillery and at various retailers throughout the state.

First Harvest Moonshine

Made with locally grown NON-GMO corn! Click here to read more about our local corn harvest season.

First Harvest MoonshineIf you fancy yourself a connoisseur of all-things-whiskey, think again.

For the first time since Prohibition, you’ll soon be able to (legally) settle into a glass of true-blue, or should I say clear, West Virginia Moonshine.

Listen. This ain’t your college bathtub juice. Our First Harvest Moonshine is an honest-to-goodness West Virginia unaged corn whiskey made in the heart of bootlegging country. We’re in the Shenandoah Valley, right in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains. And by incorporating local products, we create a truly authentic, pure, and tasty libation.

Available in 375ml- “pint” or 750ml “fifth” size. Visit our purchase page to locate where to Get Your Shine On!

Rise and Shine Moonshine

Rise & Shine Coffee Moonshine

Made with local roasters Black Dog Coffee!

Available in 375ml.

Mint Julep Moonshine

White Julep Moonshine

The moonshine for summer sippin’ and cocktails!

Available in 375ml.

More Black Draft Brands to Come…..

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