First Harvest Moonshine

First Harvest Moonshine

Made with locally grown NON-GMO corn! Click here to read more about our local corn harvest season.

First Harvest MoonshineIf you fancy yourself a connoisseur of all-things-whiskey, think again.

For the first time since Prohibition, you’ll soon be able to (legally) settle into a glass of true-blue, or should I say clear, West Virginia Moonshine, courtesy of Black Draft Distillery.

Old school mason jar?

Smooth finish so you can even taste the corn?

Listen. This ain’t your college bathtub juice. Nor is it some souvenir swill from a corner in a general store. Our First Harvest Moonshine is an honest-to-goodness West Virginia unaged corn whiskey made in the heart of bootlegging country. We’re in the Shenandoah Valley, right in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains. And by incorporating local products, we are working to create a truly authentic, pure, and tasty, libation.

Most moonshine is made primarily with sugar, and is typically referred to as “white lightning” mainly due to its hot, harsh taste. But we use corn, barley, and wheat to create a smoother, rich flavor and taste.

And, while some of you out there might have already tangled with the illegal variety, Black Draft Distillery promises a product that won’t land you and your buddies in the clinker.

Available in 375ml- “pint” or 750ml “fifth” size.¬†Visit our purchase page to locate where to Get Your Shine On!

Rise and Shine Moonshine

Rise & Shine Coffee Moonshine

Made with local roasters Black Dog Coffee!

Available in 375ml.

Mint Julep Moonshine

White Julep Moonshine

The moonshine for summer sippin’ and cocktails!

Available in 375ml.

More Black Draft Brands to Come…..

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