Straight Bourbon WhiskeyBlack Draft Distillery proudly presents our Straight Bourbon Whiskey to the ranks of an American classic.

Because bourbon is one of the most recognized American spirits, we spent over two years developing the perfect levels of taste, smoothness, and drinkability. Painstaking craftsmanship led to the emergence of what has become one of our most popular products.

Once we settled on the mash bill formula and aging method, we shared our Straight Bourbon to the public. Instantly, we were overwhelmed with demand. Since then, we have worked hard to keep providing our small batch bourbon to our valued and loyal folks.

But we haven’t forgotten the journey that led us here. We keep pictures of those legendary first barrels of our beloved bourbon for permanent inspiration. It’s a daily reminder of how far we’ve come, the friends we’ve made, and the folks who are just discovering this little gem in Appalachian foothills.

Available in 750ml size.