First Harvest MoonshineGenerations of mountaineers have enjoyed the brisk flavor of unflavored moonshine. Cracking open a jar of moonshine when guests arrived has been as essential for some families as whipping up a huge spread of food.

Although times have changed, the we still owe a nod and tip o’ the hat to our forefathers who paved the way for us. This includes the enjoyment of great, handcrafted moonshine.

We distill our First Harvest Moonshine at 160 proof “corn liquor” (as some still call it) and then blend it with the artisanal waters from Berkeley Springs. It remains a beloved staple in the Black Draft lineup, bringing to your palate all of the flavor of the old-school moonshine you remember.

We even sell it in an old-school mason jar as a tribute to the great distilling traditions of West Virginia.

Sip it neat or over ice (our favorite!). It also makes an outstanding substitute for tequila with fruits and juices.

Have you come up with your own special First Harvest combination? We invite you to share your recipes for our website to inspire others.

Available in 375ml and 750ml sizes.