Hannisville Straight Rye WhiskeyHannisville™ Straight Rye Whiskey proudly traces its roots back to 1868, when Henry Hannis built “Hannisville Mills” along the Tuscarora Creek in Martinsburg, West Virginia.

He believed that the precious water flowing through Berkeley County’s limestone caves held the secret to distilling good rye and corn into an excellent whiskey.

150 years later, after countless hours of researching local records, we’ve resurrected the original Hannisville Straight Rye mash bill.

We’d like to think that the rye whiskey in this bottle is made with the same ingredients and love that Henry and his son, Herbert used when starting their legendary distillery.

Want to learn more? Click here to see a post from the Berkeley County Historical Society.

Coming in at just over 65 percent rye (plus corn and barley malt) Hannisville™ Straight Rye Whiskey has a sweeter flavor profile that could easily become anyone’s daily drinker. It might even fool some into thinking they’re drinking a bourbon and not a rye by maintaining a sweeter profile found in bourbon but adding a subtle spicy rye kick.

On your first nose, you’ll pick up aromas of rye, oak, and caramel. Then the first sip unveils the sweetness of vanilla and oak, which plays against rye spiciness, leading to a complex, vanilla finish.

As a result, Hannisville™ Straight Rye Whiskey works any way you like it – neat, on the rocks, and in cocktails if you want a more traditional flavor but desire a moderate amount of additional spice and potency, but underneath it’s a quality rye that anyone can appreciate.

Available in 750ml size.