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Happy Father’s Day

Here at Black Draft Distillery we are so thankful for our fathers (both Irians!).  Without their wisdom we could never have gotten this far, professionally and personally.

Wishing Everyone Happy Father’s Day!


Time to Shine!

8.5x5.5_frontThe moment we’ve been waiting six months for is finally here – our distillery is open! All the months of dreaming, researching, testing and waiting (the hardest part), have brought us to unveiling a product our family can be proud to call our own.

Also, a big “Thank You” to all our friends and family for being a part of this journey. We are just beginning …

Our first product at Black Draft Distillery is here and ready to make it’s official debut, First Harvest Moonshine.

Those who sip it neat or enjoy a shot will love that “kick” you’re looking for in an unaged whiskey. Those who like to cocktail will find the hint of sweetness from grains and corn to be pleasing, yet not overpowering.

It’s the best of both worlds – right here from West Virginia!

Welcome to Our Story

BiscuitPunknTo tell a great story, you have to go back to the beginning…

It began with a remarkable horse.

Before there was a Black Draft Distillery, we were just Black Draft Farm with a Percheron draft horse named Biscuit. For ten years we were known as “that farm with the big beautiful horse”. The one that would ride through the nearby neighborhoods, bringing friends and family out of the homes to meet her and go on rides. And, they’d fall in love with her just like we did.

And every year starting in the fall, she became the main horse that rode in the Apple Harvest parades, then as Santa’s main ride for the Christmas festivities of our town’s Annual Tree Lighting ceremony.

Last fall, we suddenly lost her, and the barn was left empty with her spirit still very much a strong part of the farm.

And that is when we decided to take a new chapter in our lives in a very different direction. We sat down as a family, and decided to start a new business and bring the farm back to life again. We wanted to bring back the plow-to-earth business that would make our ancestors proud, and that could be handed down to the next generation. And that is when we decided to get into the whiskey business.

When it came time to choose a name for the new venture, there was only one that would honor the spirit of our beloved Biscuit. These stories. That horse. These generations. And, that moonshine. This is what brings family and friends together. And that’s what makes moonshine great!