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2020 Labor Day Open House

Labor Day Open House. Free Tours and Tastings with Jamie Seeley on guitar!  11am-5pm, Saturday and Sunday.

Black Draft Distillery’s Labor Day Open House. Come for free tours and tastings, featuring our specialty Bourbon, Vodka, and Moonshine cocktails for this warm weather! We’ll also have the sweet Guitar by Jamie Seeley on Saturday.

Stories In The Shine

Wanted to thank Mickie Meinhardt & Gunner Hughes (and the folks at The Bitter Southerner) for such a terrific story.

It is truly humbling that we could be a part of it. Not many folks get to see the behind-the-scenes and know our background.

And for that, all of us here THANK YOU. #humbled #lovewestvirginia

Read the story here:
Stories In The Shine (from The Bitter Southerner)

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