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Summer Open House

Join us on Saturday, June 30th (11am to 5pm) with The Shedhoppers!

For more details: call 540-686-0100 or email

Mother’s Day Sale

Stop by Black Draft Distillery this Saturday, and get Mom something she REALLY wants. We’ll have specials on our Straight Bourbon, White Julep, and Rise & Shine Moonshine all day long!

Spring Open House

Saturday, April 28th (11am to 5pm)

We invite you to join us in celebrating the season here at the Black Draft Distillery for our Spring Open House!

Enjoy a rare behind-the-scenes tour of our production barn, sample our moonshine whiskies and Black Draft Straight Bourbon, and try our seasonal cocktail recipes. Sip and savor some truly handcrafted West Virginia Spirits, just in time for the warm summer ahead!

There will also be non-alcoholic beverages for the youngsters (since we are very family friendly).

For more details: call 540-686-0100 or email

Springtime in the Barn

Ahhh… the drip-drip-dripping of snow melting off a warm tin roof. The creak of the wood coming back to life. And of course, the smell of oak and bourbon is in the air.

As we wipe away the cobwebs with a morning yawn, we are blessed to start a whole new year at Black Draft Distillery.

Keep an eye out here and on our Facebook page, because we’ll be announcing our Open House dates and new things to come!

In the meantime, try a gander at our Bourbon Sweet Tea on our Recipes page… We’re sure it’ll wet-your-whistle while waiting for this winter weather to wind down.

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