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Open Weekends through Christmas!

Black Draft Distillery open weekends (noon-5pm) through Christmas
Black Draft Distillery will Open for Sales (Saturday and Sunday, noon-5pm) every weekend through December 27th.
(Sunday liquor sales start at 1pm – per West Virginia state law).

We’ll be featuring our VODKA-IN-A-BAG FOR ONLY $20 (out the door!).
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A Season of Thanks



It’s hard to believe how different last year was from this one, how much has changed in the barn (now two barns), the lessons we learned and the friendships we have made in each and every one of you who have visited us here. We have so much to be thankful for this year and the ones to come.

One year ago we rode in the Apple Harvest Parade for the first time since the days of riding with  Biscuit.


One year ago we took a big leap and began our expansion to a new production building and equipment. That fall we held our breath, said a little prayer, and made the plans to create bourbon we could look up to.

One year ago I said to the moonshiner, “Let’s have one big open house in December, we’ll call it a Barn Warming (because there is nothing that can warm a cold barn like bunch of friends showing up). We figured a few dozen of our friends would come. That weekend we opened our barn to hundreds of folks, more new friendships made, and gave us a blessing that we were steering on the right path with our little hobby turned business.

We are excited to invite you to continue on this crazy wonderful journey. The next year as bourbon is made and finally released to the public, we want to humbly say,