It’s been a long two plus years for Glen and I in waiting for this moment to arrive. We started with six barrels from NY,  ninety gallons of our unaged corn whiskey from two small stills and unlimited possibility. And then just time. One hot summer into one cold winter. And another summer, another winter.


The day we brought home these barrels, we snapped this picture. The one that Emma is sitting on is her barrel. We are saving it for her to remember and savor this moment. But the other five, we gratefully offer to you. Our first batch, distilled and aged right here in West Virginia.

We are so thankful for all who have visited over the past few years to our barns and patiently waited along with us.

Our Black Draft Straight Bourbon Whiskey is available for purchase starting this Saturday, July 22, here at the distillery and throughout the state in the coming weeks. It is available in a 750ml bottle for $49.99.

Visit us on Saturday to purchase a bottle (or two), from 11am to 4pm, or call 540-686-0100 to make an appointment for pickup service.